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Bimasakti team of UGM once again creates formula car for the fourth time. This time, the said team, led by Rifqi Bustanul Faozan, will compete in The 12th Student Formula SAE Competition 2014. The competition will be held in Japan from 6-11 September.

The launching was attended by thousands of freshmen enrolled in Engineering Faculty of Universitas Gadjah Mada, as a part of freshmen orientation event titled PPSMB PRISMA. The purpose of the launching was to introduce Bimasakti UGM to the freshmen as well as to inspire them to create something while enrolling in Faculty of Engineering. Aside from that, the Bimasakti team was asking for blessings and prayers from all the freshmen so that the team can achieve well in Student Formula SAE competition. Formula car Bimasakti also did a testdrive circling around the Faculty of Engineering Central Office (KPFT) afterwards.

Different from the previous Bimasaktis, the development of the 4th generation was conducted with maximizing the engine of the car and lessening the weight of the car. Even though the engine used is still the same with last year’s Honda CBR 600cc, but the engine’s performance is more enhanced this time around. The contruction of the car is also re-designed into a lighter but stronger one. This re-designed construction successfully takes out 15kg weight from last year’s Bimasakti. This weight-lessening process was conducted to increase the car’s acceleration when it takes off.


“This year we are emphasizing on the acceleration and the endurance of the car, and we did enhance it. This car is capable to cover the distance of 75 metre within 4 seconds”, said Gisneo Pratala, the General Manager of Bimasakti team, when interviewed at the press conference.


Aside from technical problem, this year’s Bimasakti team is also more geared up in terms of non-techincal things. The funds for the production and the team’s transportation is more prepared and thus more fulfilled, as the result of the supports from many sponsors. The budget to produce the car is also lower compare to last year’s Bimasakti, even though some parts, like wheel from Italy, were imported from overseas with a better quality.


Bimasakti team hopes for an improved achievement from what the previous teams had. “We hope this year we can achieve better than last year. If this year’s result is satisfying, we hope to step even further to the Student Formula SAE in Germany, because this event is not only conducted in Japan,” said Gisneo.

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